AL Gold Glove winners announced

And the players/managers did better than normal.

The obvious complaint is Derek Jeter. We all know that. There cannot be one person who seriously thinks he is better than Alexei Ramirez or Cliff Pennington or Elvis Andrus.

But at least Franklin Guitierrez got some recognition and Tori Hunter was finally dropped. I think F-Guit was recognized more for past years performances and Hunter was only dropped because he moved to right field, a clue to the voters he isn’t that great, but it’s a moot point.

Evan Longoria beating out Adrian Beltre at third is another vote to take note of.

I would have had Brett Gardner in the outfield, but you can’t complain with who was chosen and it makes up for the Yankees having Jeter selected, undeservedly, again.

And my boy Robbie Cano finally wins a Gold Glove. Maybe undeserved, but he was solid defensively and it’s a choice you can’t complain about, like you can with Jeter.

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One Comment on “AL Gold Glove winners announced”

  1. Doug Bies Says:

    Good point on the Hunter to right note. It’s sad that it takes something so obvious like that for supposed experts to get off the bandwagon.

    The Beltre/Longoria battle is another one i didn’t really think of all that much…It sucks that they both couldn’t win…

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