The Florida Marlins busy day

The Florida Marlins stole the headlines today by trading All-Star second baseman Dan Uggla to the Atlanta Braves, and then reaching the verge of signing John Buck to a 3/$18mil deal.

Yeah, so lets start with the Buck potential signing to get it out of the way. Buck seemed destined for Boston, or even the Bronx, but will be landing in South Beach at $6mil per year. That’s about fair for him. He will just need to be average for three seasons in order to be worth the deal. However, the deal is kind of a head scratcher. It’s “only” $6mil a year, but currently he will have the third highest contract on the team. It’s also the team’s biggest FA signing since Carlos Delgado in 2005. So yeah, they “opened the bank” for John Buck. Why? By trading Uggla and potential in Cameron Maybin, it doesn’t seem like the team is desperately trying to compete in 2011, so there is no need for a veteran catcher, especially one that will be their third most expensive player. Moreover, he is a Type B free agent, which means he cost them a draft pick. So I am not a fan of the free agent signing.

Now onto the bigger news: the Dan Uggla trade. In return, they got Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. Wow. Uggla isn’t amazing, but he is better than Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. So if money was a non-issue, they would take Dan Uggla to be on their team over those two. In reality, the Marlins are picking up $6mil a year now from the Buck trade, and $2.5mil from Omar Infante, who will be gone after the season, and about $500k from Dunn. That’s $9mil for 2011. Uggla rejected a deal that would have paid him $12mil in 2011. So let’s say Uggla would have been willing to take $14mil a year. That’s $5mil a year more. For the Marlins, that is a big deal. Plus, they would be out Infante’s contract of 2011 and only owe Buck $12mil more. Uggla would have cost about an additional $42mil over three years, at which point he may not producing at a clip that is worth $42mil.

So trading Uggla makes sense, if you ask me. But I don’t know if they got the best return. They could have let Uggla walk and received two draft picks. That would be close to or around $10mil. Instead they are getting one year of Infante. Lets say he repeats his 2010 and has a 2.5 WAR season worth about $12mil. But take away his contract and his net value is $9.5mil. Or you can keep Uggla. Lets say he produces a 4 WAR season worth $18mil. Then in arbitration he will make about $14mil using the 40/60/80 scale. So, that’s a surplus of $4mil for the Marlins. But Uggla will net them two draft picks of about $10mil in value. So Uggla’s total value is $14mil, compared to $9.5 for Infante. So the smart move is to keep Uggla, or trade him for a value greater than $14mil.

It doesn’t look like the Marlins did that. Sorry, Marlin fan.

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