Victor Martinez and Aubrey Huff sign

Victor Martinez agreed to a 4/$50mil deal with the Detroit Tigers while Aubrey Huff signed a 2/$22mil deal (that includes an option) with the San Francisco Giants.

Here is what I said regarding Victor Martinez:

Quote: So I think it’s fair to project him as a 4.5 WAR player in 2011 with a decrease of 0.5 WAR moving forward each season. Without adjusting for inflation and using an estimated market rate of $4.4mil per win, over a four year deal he would be worth about $66mil.

Yikes, I thought he’d get away more than $50mil. If I were to project him again, I would start him at 4.0 WAR, not 4.5. The reason being he may just be a DH who catches once in a while, which really zaps his value. Either way, if I start him at 4 WAR and start at $4.5mil per year and go up from there, I still get around 4/$66mil for him. So the Tigers got a steal. But it might be wasted money either way. The Tigers are more a .500 team than a contender, and Martinez probably won’t be catching in four years. This money could have been better spent.

Moreover, if Martinez mainly DH’s over the length of his deal, I would start his WAR estimates at 3.0 in 2011. If that is the case, over four years he’d be worth 4/$44.5mil. So yeah. It’s a relatively fair price for Martinez, but in Detroit’s case I do not think it’s money well spent.

As for Huff, I said:

Quote: At the end of the day, I expect Huff to sign a two year deal worth around $10-$13mil a year with inflated salaries in the current market thus far.

Well, he signed for $11mil per year. That’s fair value and makes sense for San Francisco.


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