San Diego Padres on the verge of signing Brad Hawpe

Sorry Padres fan.

Brad Hawpe is a good hitter. But he is a TERRIBLE fielder. His defense is so bad that it practically erases any value his offense gives him. For his career, his fielding value according to FG is -86. In just 831 games. His UZR is -87.4. He is like almost historically bad.

Okay. So Petco Park is like supposedly some really big and spacious park with a ginormous outfield. As a result, you need good defenders with lots of range to cover ground in Petco and the Padres built their success in 2010 off a superb defense.

If they sign Hawpe, they now have baseball’s biggest outfield liability manning right field for them. So a strength of theirs is now becoming a weakness because of one player. They better hope for a lot of ground balls in 2011. But none of their projected starters are big time ground ball pitchers. Moreover, while a good offensive player, Hawpe did receive a boost playing in Coors Field. Now he is going to an offensive wasteland in San Diego. If it affects his offense like I think it will, then I wouldn’t be shocked if Hawpe produces a negative WAR because of his atrocious defense.

To justify the potential signing, the Padres better be paying him minimum wage to be a pinch hitter/inter-league DH or Hawpe better be paying the Padres for a job.

Or maybe San Diego plans on playing him at first base to lessen his defensive burden and because as of now they don’t have a first baseman. In which case it’s just a whatever move and they shouldn’t play him more than a couple mil.


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One Comment on “San Diego Padres on the verge of signing Brad Hawpe”

  1. Doug Bies Says:

    They plan on playing him at 1b. I would imagine his playing time will depend on Blanks heath, then who is more productive.

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