Is Andruw Jones a Hall of Famer?

Fangraphs asks the question. My answer is a resounding, YES, YES, YES!

I believe to be eligible you need to have a 10+ year playing career.

Jones was a great player for about 10-11 consecutive seasons. There are several players in the HOF who have had less consecutive and less total great seasons.

He should be in.

From 1998-2006, nine seasons, he had 7 seasons where his WAR was above the MVP level of 6.0. The other two years? 5.4 and 5.8. Yeah, so he essentially was an MVP caliber player for a straight nine seasons. In 1997 and 2007 he was in the 3 WAR range, which is good.

A center fielder who hit .338/.488/.353(OBP/SLG/wOBA) with a career fielding score of 274! 274!

You can’t judge players on recent performance, which is what you’d be doing with Andruw Jones if you don’t vote him in.

Sure, it would have helped his cause had he been productive in his thirties, but he did more than enough during his twenties.

Even if you use rWAR, he still has a career 60 WAR and 240 defensive value. People don’t think his offensive numbers are too great, but for a center fielder they are good (if not as good as contemporaries in Griffey and Edmonds) and his defensive numbers are INSANE.

The HOF median WAR for hitters is 58. The median WAE is 21.5. The median WAM is 2.6. Jones has an fWAR of 70.5, well above the HOF median. His WAE is 35.5, well above the HOF median. His WAM is 7.6, well above the HOF median. And WAM wouldn’t include two seasons of exactly 6.0 WAR.

If this doesn’t persuade you, then I don’t know what will. So I will end with two graphs to summarize everything. The graphs compare Jones to fellow center field contemporaries, who I also believe are HOF’ers: KGIII, Jim Edmonds, and Kenny Lofton.



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