BBWAA screws up again

Another ballot, another mediots post. I am making this post separate from the previous one since I don’t want to ruin my congratulatory post with BBWAA nonsense.

This has to be one of the worse ballots in recent BBWAA history.

1) I will NOT give them credit for Alomar and Blyleven. Both were just a couple votes away from making it. Both were shoe-ins.

2) How does Kevin Brown fall off the ballot? Whether you believe he is a HOF’er or not, he has a case and thus is deserving of more time on the ballot. Juan Gonzalez will live to see another ballot but not K-Brown? Pathetic.

3) Edgar Martinez dropped in percentage points. How does that happen? You would think over time he would get support as people realize he put up godly numbers and they would relax on the DH thing. Guess not.

4) Larry Walker at 20%? Unlike some other deserving people on the ballot, I think Walker will get in at some point. But 20% is awfully. His % practically confirms my belief the majority of voters don’t care and don’t look at the numbers.

5) I give up. Trammell will never get 😦

6) No words need to be said on Bagwell. He clearly is one of the best first baseman EVER. But made up rumors are keeping him out. The BBWAA makes a mockery of professional journalism yet again.


At least Tim Raines gained support. I never thought I’d say this, but he might have a chance going forward. Today on MLBN, even someone like Mitch Williams gave him support- and even said he was the Rickey Henderson of the NL. Finally some mediot understands!

Also, I can almost guarantee Barry Larkin gets in next ballot. He jumped into the 60% range and the newcomers to the next ballot are weak. Larkin can jump 13% in support. I will not blame them for Mark McGwire. It’s a touchy subject and I can understand why he still gets no support.

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