Nationals acquire Tom Gorzellany

From the Chicago Cubs for two pitching prospects and outfield prospect Michael Burgress.


Color me unimpressed. Yes, Burgess lost his organizational top 10 prospect status. But he has still has high potential and real talent. Scouts love his tools and rave about his defense. So even if there is concern about declining power and high K rates, it’s all good if he can be a plus fielder and average at the plate. Whether or not it’s a good deal will hinge around the other prospects, but for a guy like Gorzellany, Burgess seems like a high price to pay.

Not to pile on the guy, but Gorzellany isn’t special. He is 28 and by the time he is a FA in three seasons, he will be 31. So he’s not a young kid. His career K/9 is under 7, his career BB/9 is over 4, and his career HR/9 is just under 1. He is not special and has not shown the ability to be a good or great pitcher. Granted, his FIP over the past 180 innings or so is around 3.9. But he is not good at any of the things a pitcher can control- walks, K’s, and HR allowed. His GB% is below average. So why trade for him? Because he’s cheap and under team control? If so, that’s a bad reason, when the price you’re also paying is a prospect like Michael Burgress and two other potentially good prospects.

UPDATE: Another prospect is AJ Morris. He is 24 and hasn’t pitched above A level. So he isn’t a top prospect because of his age. BUT he has posted good numbers and BA says he has the best slider in their system. What was Washington’s motive in this deal? I don’t see it.

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