The Adrian Gonzalez and Clay Buchholz extensions

The big news of the day is that the Red Sox inked star first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez, to a 7/$154mil deal, the largest in Red Sox history. So let’s take a look at it, shall we.

Gonzalez will make $22mil per season, starting in 2012, his age 30 season, and it will last through his age 36 season.

So let’s hypothesize. Let’s say he posts a 6 WAR season as a thirty year old. We will decrease that by 0.5 wins as we move into future seasons. The $ per WAR will start at $4.5mil and go up by $.25mil. So…

It looks like a good deal for Boston. Adrian Gonzalez is a monster hitter who should thrive at Fenway, and is a good defender as well. However, I do think my WAR forecasts are a bit too high. It’s ambitious to think an aging 1b would decline so gracefully. But it is likely he does age well, especially because of his talent.

So nice extension Boston.

Now onto Clay. He signed a 4/$30mil deal with two options (it’s really 4/$29.7, but whose to argue?). In 2012 he will be paid $4.5mil including his signing bonus. That bumps up to $5.5mil in 2013 and $7.7mil in 2014 for his last arbitration season. 2015 is also bought out for $12mil. It also covers his age 27-30 seasons.

I believe the deal is a steal. In arbitration, he would make around $3.5mil his first year, but he would make way more than $5.5mil and $7.7mil in the subsequent years. Boston is not only saving on money they would have paid out in arbitration, but they save money compared to his market value. And Clay can now afford a laptop.

One week and two good deals for Boston.

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One Comment on “The Adrian Gonzalez and Clay Buchholz extensions”

  1. toosoxy Says:

    Good observations! I’m excited about Gonz’ future with the Sox.

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