Use K-BB, not K/BB

In the past I used the ratio, but last year I remember reading why the K-BB difference is a better indicator or measure of pitcher performance. Today, that notion was reinforced by Tangotiger on his blog. The comments are good as well.

I particularly like this comment:


There doesn’t seem much room for dispute here.  Let’s take pitchers with over 400 IP in last decade (2000-2010).  The top 50 pitchers in K/BB have an average R9 of 3.84, while top 50 in K-BB/PA are 3.53.  The correlation with R/9 for K:BB is -.62, while correlation for K-BB is -.75.  And weighting walks as twice the value of Ks in the differential (K-2*BB/PA) reduces rather than increases the correlation (-.68).

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