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The Yunel Escobar extension

June 23, 2011

I will keep this short and sweet, since there is not much to say. Recently, the Blue Jays locked up Yunel Escobar to a 2/$10mil deal, with options for two additional years at $5mil apiece. The deal covers his age 30-33 seasons.

So essentially, it’s a 4/$20mil deal for a good shortstop. Granted he will be turning 30 soon, but at $5mil per season, Escobar pretty much just needs to be a 1 WAR player. Yeah, I think he can do that. Escobar is a good fielder, and at worst an average hitter. Unless he pretty much falls off the face of the earth, retires, or suffers a career ending injury, the Blue Jays will come out on top in this deal. Escobar isn’t going to light the world on fire, but shortstops are valuable and he is one of the better ones in baseball. To get him on the cheap is a steal for Toronto.

As for Yunel, I think he did alright. He still has two more arbitration years, where he could have made more money, but come 2014, for an older player like him, who knows what the market would have been like? He’s taking the conservative route and $20mil is better than nothing.




June 9, 2011

Hi all.


Wow, I am getting lazy when it comes to posting. Hopefully I didn’t lose my small cult following. Either way, I am opening this blog up. No longer just baseball. That might drive you away, or bring new readers in. For now though that’s going to be the way of the land, because it will motivate me to write. Daily life, my job, other sports, working out, etc, etc.

For now, here is a pic of an Amare Stoudamire walk. My friend says the play was cleaan- no travel. So I got freeze frames of the vid to prove him wrong.