Mark Ellis shipped to Colorado

Just the other day the Oakland A’s shipped Mark Ellis to the Colorado Rockies for Bruce Billings and a PTBNL. While a trade of Mark Ellis shouldn’t be a surprise (he is 34 and sports a 54 wRC+), it does close relatively important chapter in A’s history.

Ellis is and was not a superstar, but during his best years he was a good starting second baseman. Always more of a fielder than a hitter, he has accumulated 56.7 fielding runs in his career of 1056 games. He also has a WAR/700 of 3.6 so far in his career. As a result, “Ellis compiled $83.5 million worth of value for only $27.3 million in salary as an Athletic“.

But with a terrible start to the season, it was time for both sides to move on. Behind Ellis was prospect Jemile Weeks. Trading Ellis opens up a hole for Weeks to play everyday and prove himself worthy of being the team’s new second baseman of the future. In 217 AAA PA this season, Weeks posted a line of .321/.417/.446/.391/122+ with a 13.4 BB%. So far in 87 PA in the majors, he has a 131 wRC+.

For Ellis, he goes to a Rockies club that could actually use his services. Between Ian Stewart, Chris Nelson, and Jon Herrera, second base has been a black hole. Ellis instantly gets a second chance at Coors Field and his defense should be welcome as he pairs up with Tulowitzki in the middle infield.

As for me, the deal makes me sad and happy. I really like Mark Ellis, so I’m sad to see him leave Oakland, a ball club I like. However, I also like the Rockies and I am a huge Jemile Weeks fan so I am glad he is finally getting his big opportunity. In the end, I believe this is a smart deal for both sides involved and hopefully things work out for both sides.

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