ASG Rosters fixed: AL Edition

Post by Treker. Enjoy.

Following the rules in place that is every team is represented. 34 players on each roster including a DH for each team and at least one back up for each position player. I will ignore the fan vote because although it wasn’t awful this year it needed some fixing. Before the two of you who read this get up in arms, the game is meant to introduce and market its best players to the fans. So if two guys are close and one is a star who might have missed some time or had a not so good first half they’re getting the edge over the guy playing way over his head. If I really mess up the rosters based on this tell me, but I doubt I will.



C- Alex Avilla
1B – Adrian Gonzalez
2B – Pedroia (If you back out the half season of defensive metrics which is something one might want to do since it’s still a small sample you end up with 3-4 guys who could be here but because Pedroia has a history of being a great defender he gets the benefit of the doubt and the start).
3B – Alex Rodriguez
SS – Peralta (Really close but we can all agree this is one that is very wrong on the real roster)
OF – Bautista, Granderson, Ellsbury (These three made this really easy, sorry Hamilton you were hurt way to long)
DH – David Ortiz


C- Carlos Santana
1B – Miguel Cabrera , Paul Konerko
2B – Cano
2B – Kendrick , Zobrist**
3B – Youk (Sorry Beltre, take your .318 OBP and have a 3 day vacation)
SS – A. Cabrera
OF – Alex Gordon, Matt Joyce, Cuddeyer (Span might be more deserving but he can’t play 22 less games and make it).


Verlander, Weaver, Sabathia, Gio Gonzalez, Felix Hernandez, Beckett, Price, David Robertson, Rivera, Papelbon, Zach Britton (fits the Oriole need and the rising star that people should know), Sergio Santos, CJ Wilson, Jordon Walden

**Zobrist is denoted as the guy who can re-enter the game because he can literally play any position on the field.

That’s my AL team.

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