Handicapping the Awards – AL MVP Edition

Hey, meant to get this up sooner but life got in the way. So here we go…

The race is over, kind of favorite

Jose Bautista – OF – Toronto Blue Jays (6.9 WAR)

This might be the most lopsided MVP race since the days of Barry Bonds. Bautista has a slash line of .332/.467/.690/.482/212+. Yeah. You might want to read that again. His wOBA is nearly .500! The next closest person in terms of wRC+ is Miguel Cabrera at 167+. Only a gap of 45. Yeah, Bautista is insane and probably the best player in baseball at this point. I mean, it looks like he is going to murder the 10 WAR threshold.

Just gonna name other “contenders” for the fun of it

Jacoby Ellsbury – OF – Boston Red Sox (5.0 WAR)

Ellsbury has had a strong bounce back campaign playing great defense and surprisingly hitting for power. In fact, most of his value is from a high wOBA fueled by a slugging percentage over .500. I don’t know if this is something to expect in future seasons, but in 2011 it’s making Ellsbury a star.

Dustin Pedroia – 2b – Boston Red Sox (5.4 WAR)

It pains me to put such a d-bag here, but I’m no homer. Once again Pedroia has been a superb fielder, which is where a l0t of his value comes from. But his BB% has climbed to 14.7% this year, which has elevated his OBP to around .400. So he’s a 2b who gets on base at a very high clip and could- of course he is going to be valuable.

Curtis Granderson – OF – New York Yankees (4.8 WAR)

Although he has seemingly slowed down as of late, Granderson has been awesomee. Early in the season he seemingly “put the team on his back” when no one was hitting (Swisher, Gardner, Posada, Jeter,Teixeira, etc) and has made some nice defensive plays. If it weren’t for Bautista, he could very well be an AL MVP.

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