Carlos Beltran traded to San Francisco

More big news from yesterday was the trade of Carlos Beltran for Zach Wheeler. The Mets will also pay $4mil of the $6mil remaining on Beltran’s contract for 2011.

Beltran has already produced 4.0 fWAR this season, and going out on a limb, let’s say he produces another 2 WAR down the stretch. That will be $9mil in value- minus the $2mil the Giants will pay and he will give them $7mil in value. However, they traded their top pitching prospect and one of the games top prospects in Zach Wheeler. As a top 25 pitching prospect, Wheeler is worth $15.9mil. So in return for two months of Carlos Beltran, the Giants are parting with a top prospect who has more than double the value of Carlos Beltran.

This is a bad deal for the Giants. Yes, I understand the Giants will probably make the postseason and they need to add offense. Beltran is a good hitter and will help. So they should be, and are willing to give up some value to make another World Series run. But I feel like they gave up too much. I think the deal could  have been done without giving up your best pitching prospect. Moreover, because of the disparity in value, the Giants will need to win the World Series again to justify this deal.

Man, I can’t believe the Mets actually made a good move.


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