Mike Adams traded to Texas

The Rangers get Mike Adams, the Padres get Joe Wieland and Robbie Erlin.

I like this trade for both sides, but especially for San Diego. Yeah, Mike Adams is a beast. Insane numbers. But ultimately, he is just a RP and a RP on a losing no less. In return, they get Wieland was a top Rangers prospect, and someone who has been dominating the minors. Robbie Erlin is another young pitcher who has been good so far. I mean, neither may be future aces, but both, especially Wieland, look to have promising careers. So to get them for a relief pitcher who wasn’t the difference between winning and losing on your team is a nice pick up. As for the Rangers, you want to criticize them for overvaluing a RP, but in these circumstances its okay. They are in a pennant race and Adams is more valuable to them than a pair of 21 year old prospects who are still little bit aways from the majors.


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One Comment on “Mike Adams traded to Texas”

  1. Matt Lynch Says:

    Here’s some video which I shot of Mike Adams in Houston. He is a good pitcher. He will help the Rangers.

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