Miguel Cabrera wins another MVP; Stat fans lash out again

Miguel Cabrera won his second consecutive MVP award. Traditional fans are happy.

Mike Trout lost out on two straight MVP awards. SABR fans are mad.

Should Mike Trout have won MVP? Yes and no.

I am in the camp that he should have won. I don’t think making the postseason matters. For me the best player is the most valuable player because the best player should add the most value. Mike Trout had another 10+ WAR season. If you take him off the Angels, they lose 10 games. The Tigers wouldn’t lose as many wins if they lost Miguel Cabrera.

But as Branch Rickey once said to Ralph Kiner, “We finished in last place with you; we can finish in last place without you”. The Angels lost with Mike Trout and they can lose without Trout. On the other end, the Tigers won the division with Cabrera and very well may have not won the division without him.

My only critique of people who do require a player to play for a winning team, is why not then include salary? If you truly want to seek the most valuable player, that would be the guy who helped his team win while not costing his team a lot of money.

In the end, I can’t complain. Mike Trout is the best player in the game and should be the MVP in my opinion. But if you feel that it doesn’t matter because the Angels were a bad team that deflates Trout’s value, then all the power to you.

*I just want to say I hope stat guys don’t go too crazy over Trout losing. Let’s appreciate Miguel Cabrera as the best hitter in the game and arguably of our generation.

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