MLB, NPL Reach Posting Sytem Stalemate

In sad news on MVP Day, MLB and the Nippon League have broke off negotiations for a new posting system of Japanese players. This means Japanese players will have to wait nine years until they are able to join MLB as a free agent. It also means Tanaka probably won’t get to a grace a MLB mound in 2014 (or wear pinstripes which makes me sad).

MLB wanted to fix the system because teams complained that bid prices were escalating out of control. The solution was to make it so that the winner of the bid would only pay on average of the top two bids put in. So if Team 1 bid $50mil and Team 2 bid $40mil, Team 1 would pay $45mil.

That is a poor solution, in my opinion. If the point to drive down high bids, this will do the opposite. If a team knows they will pay less than their winning bid for player, then they will bid even more, and end up paying more in the end. Think about it. Let’s say your team thought $50mil was a worthwhile price for a bid. If you win the bidding, you will pay less than you bid. So to be safe teams will then pay more than the $50mil they thought a bid was worth. So in the end, bids will just continue to escalate.

All we can do is hope NPL owners and MLB can hash an agreement before 2014.

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