A Non-Baseball Post

Okay, so I am a very opinionated person. Despite that, I try to keep this blog baseball/sports related at almost all times. However, I just read an article about Ann Coulter, who said something that finally pushed me over the ledge.

Before I begin, I want to say I don’t care about religion. I don’t mean that in a negative or apathetic way. I just don’t care if one practices or not. I don’t, but others do and all the power to those that do. The idea of religion promotes good morals. The problem is that so many people are ignorant of these morals and terrifyingly misinterpret a lot of what they read, hear, and are taught.

One such person is Ann Coulter. Apparently, on The O’Reily Factor she said:

“It’s Christianity that the left hates most of all because that is the foundation of our country and all of our freedoms come from that. The rest of the world is a cesspool of violence and atrocities. This is the most consequential nation on Earth and the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times and Nicholas Kristof by changing bedpans of Ebola patients in Nigeria, rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies, and I don’t think it’s gay bullies, I think it’s as you call them, secular progressives or liberals. The media, they’re the ones who are trying to tear down this country by going directly at the heart of America which is Christianity.”

WOW. Where to begin?

First, let’s tackle the gay issue. Why do Christians (at least those in the media and congress) seem to dislike gay people so much? The biggest excuse I’ve heard is a religious one. They say they have gay friends, but due to religion can’t accept their lifestyle. Bullshit. If god was the all-loving creature Christians say he is, why would he have it out against gay people. So instead of progressing with the times and realizing gay people, are yes, people too, they are turning it around so the gay community and their allies are bullies, not ignorant Christians. Which is ridiculous because 1) there is no war on Christians. Christianity still makes up the overwhelming majority of America and 2) turning this around and portraying the gay community as bullies is the same as southerners in 1960 turning around and proclaiming Civil Rights protestors as bullies against “Ole Dixie”. As we all know, being gay is not a choice, much like it’s not a choice to pick your skin color or gender. So why are gay issues not being treated the same as color and gender issues? The misunderstanding of religious doctrine.

Going in hand with the above point, Coulter says it is ridiculous that people are fighting ebola opposed to fighting the gay community. Is she drunk? High? Insane? Fighting ebola, a deadly disease, is a very noble and worthy cause. Fighting the gay community is evil- something I would associate more with satan’s work than god’s work. Was it not Jesus who cured the Leper’s? Was it not Jesus who said not to judge others unless you want to be judged? Coulter’s “Christian” opinion goes directly against the teachings of her prophet. I put Christian in quotations because Coulter and those like her are not real Christians (just as terrorists are not Muslims- and I say that with no intent of comparing Coulter to a terrorist. As bad as she is- she’s not that bad). If Jesus were alive today, he’d be one of the first person volunteering to cure ebola and he’d be one of the many people championing gay rights.

Finally, she contends we’re a Christian nation and that’s why we rule and the rest of the earth drools. Again- wow. So essentially non-Christian nations are savages who turmoil in war while America is the best. Where to start? Well, while the Founder’s were Christian, we weren’t necessarily founded on Christianity, otherwise there would be no First Amendment and Christianity would be a government sanctioned religion we had to practice. But if she wants to say we are Christian nation because the Founder’s practiced it, then I guess we’re also a slave-owning, racist nation (which, sadly, has been true throughout our history up until the present day) because that’s what the Founder’s were as well. Despite her remark, the true fact is we are a nation founded upon the principle of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and that is a principle that should extend to all people- including the gay community. So yes, it’s not okay for a business to not serve a gay couple. Unless you think it’s okay for blacks or females to not be served as well. And to suggest the non-Christian is a bunch of war-hungry savages is beyond human reason I can’t even begin to process what was going through her head and how she got this f—-d up in the first place.

The takeaway is this. Religion can be great. It’s ideal goals are to make us better people. However, some people misinterpret religion and use it for evil. One such example is denying gay people equal rights. No god that I can imagine would ever be that cruel. It’s time for these “Christians” to progress and realize that if they want to live in a truly free America and abide by their religious convictions, it’s time to accept the gay community.


PS- I am not attacking all Christians. Most people I know that practice the faith are very level-headed and would agree with the message of the post. This is mainly directed towards the religious media, congress, and the couple nut jobs that everyone knows.

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