A Decision for the People

The big news shaking up the political world this weekend is the death of US Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. In the wake of his death, conservatives have sounded the alarm on how this is terrible for America. To them, King Obama has another chance to ruin our freedom, ruin our Constitution, and appoint another “commie” to our highest court. As a result, Republicans have called for a new justice to not be appointed until we have a new president. If only they could see the irony in that.

One of the leaders over this conservative outcry is Senator Ted Cruz. This morning on ABC Cruz stated, “This should be a decision for the people. Let the election decide”. Fortunately for all involved, the election already did decide this issue- in 2012.

According to Article II, Section II of the Constitution- the very Constitution conservatives claim to defend while liberals destroy it- it is the duty of the president to nominate justices. As far as I know, Obama won the 2012 which was decided by we the people. So why would Obama not nominate someone and leave the seat open for over a year? If Cruz and other Republicans want to defend and follow the Constitution then they should be encouraging Obama to fulfill his presidential obligations. Moreover, Obama still has OVER A YEAR left in his presidency. As far as I know, president’s don’t suddenly lose power during an election season. He can still veto, sign bills, and run our country. So again, why can’t he do the simple task of nominating a justice? Because it makes YOU (conservatives) upset? Tough luck! That’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Now of course conservatives are upset that a conservative spot on the bench will most likely be lost to a liberal spot. But if the Constitution is the holy document they deem it to be, then this should be accepted as tough shit. You can’t pick and choose when to follow the Constitution and when to ignore it based on whether it helps you or hurts you. In fact, if Scalia were alive to weigh in on this situation, he would be shaking his head at Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and anybody else hoping to delay this appointment. Especially when Republicans would be crying foul if one of their own were in power and Democrats tried to block their nomination.

Ted Cruz is right when he says this should be a decision for the people. Well the people spoke in 2012. And they choose President Obama to run our country and make these decisions until March 2017.

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