Ballpark Review: Citi Field

Franchise: New York Mets

Year Opened: 2009

Capacity: 45,000

Game Attended: September 18 v New York Yankees

Section 407, Row 1

My impression of Citi Field going into the game is that it is a giant park trying to do too much at once. While both those assumptions are relatively true, it did exceed my overall expectations.

1) Aesthetics- 13.5/25

Exterior- 4.5/5

Citi Field is up there with Yankee Stadium as having one of the better exteriors in baseball. Like several other parks, there is the Ebbets Field rotunda for the home plate entrance. But Citi, unlike those other parks, uses this brick rotunda as the start point for a brick exterior that runs the entire stadium (similar to Globe Life, but different design). The old HR Apple is outside the main gate as well, which adds a little something to the exterior design.

Interior- 7/10

The design is clean, but nothing special. I think they built one too many levels, which makes the place feel massive. The 500 level is so far away and the stadium would look way better without the extra deck in left field. A couple cool features are the orange foul poles and Yankee Stadium-esque facade.

Backdrop- 2/10

Due to the unnecessary extra deck in left, gigantic video board in center, and monster-sized ads in right, there is no back drop. Even if the aforementioned objects weren’t there, the stadium is in a not-so-nice part of Queens.


2) Seats & View- 14/20

Sight Lines- 8/10

Citi Field does a good job preventing overhang, especially in the first level. The one problem with this park is it’s one of those stadium where the railings, of all things, can impede your view.

Proximity- 2/5

Citi Field is a big park so you can feel far away from several locations. The field level extends far back from the action, while 500 level seats are UP THERE. Even sitting in the first row of the 400 level, you are not on top of the action like a lot of other 400 levels are. This is because the upper decks start towards the back of the field level so there is minimal overhang.

Comfort- 4/5

3) Atmosphere-12.5/15

Fan Participation- 5/5

New York is a baseball town and while it’s tough for me to hide my dislike for the Mets, all NY baseball fans are good fans that bring energy to the game, make noise, cheer for good plays and boo for the poor ones.

Attendance- 4.5/5

It was a packed out, but it was a September Subway Series, with both teams on track for the playoffs. Either way, the Mets are one of the higher drawing teams so Citi will usually have a decent crowd.

Fan Knowledge- 3/5

Like most teams with a big fan base, you have the smart fans and the dumb fans.

4) Attractions- 15/20

Team Museum & History- 8/10

The Mets do have a decent sized museum with artifacts and information on the team history, from players to big moments. I enjoyed their Keith Hernandez showcase with his NL Gold Glove.

Things to See & Do- 7/10

Obviously, there is the team museum. You can also take in the beauty of the Jackie Robinson rotunda just inside the main entrance. Inside the park, you can check out the HR Apple, as well as the Shea Bridge. Outside of that though, there isn’t anything else too special to check out.


5) Food and Drink- 8/10

Hot Dog- 3/5

Best of the Rest- 5/5

There are a lot of different food options here. There is a Shake Shack, a BBQ place, a place for pizza, a place for deli cuts, a World Fair-esque spot, and so much more. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Citi Field will probably have it.

6) Game Entertainment & Presentation- 3/5

Run of the mill presentation. All the usual stuff. Nothing that stands out to me.

7) Cleanliness- 5/5

It’s a new park and they do a good job keeping it that way.

8) Local Scene & Location- 1/5

There is no local scene. Just a bunch of auto garages near the airport.

9) Access & Cost- 2/5

You can only really access the park via Subway, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg in parking. And taking the Subway to Queens is annoying.

As for cost- yeah, it’s expensive. Tickets, food, drinks, apparel, etc.

10) Misc +1

The HR Apple! One of the most distinct features of any all park. So cool that the Marlins copied it.

11) Personal Opinion- 3.5/5

Going into it, I was too excited for Citi Field. But my opinion of the place improved after actually going to a game. I’m looking forward to another experience here to solidify my feelings, but it’s a good park. There are some flaws to it (That 500 level) but it’s a unique park for sure.


Overall Score- 78.5/115

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