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Dumb link of the day

January 23, 2011


Not the article itself. But the comments. Holy shit. Blaming Cash for all of Steinbrenner’s move from pre-2006. Blaming Cash for Javy Vazquez, even though it was a good trade at the time. Blaming Cash for not winning more World Series- even though during his true tenure of about 2006-present he took an old, aging, well over-paid team with no farm system to a World Series winner in three seasons and a team with a farm system that has twice now been ranked in the top 5 of baseball. Sure, he has more money than any other GM to play with, but you can still get in trouble with buckets of money, as proven by George Steinbrenner pre-2006 when he basically ran the Yankees, and not Brian Cashman.

On a side note, while I will be pissed if Cash does leave since he’s a top tier GM and no one outside the organization is on the free market to replace him, it would be nice to see the Yankees promote Damon Oppenheimer. He’s a great baseball mind and talent evaluator. Other teams are often inquiring about him, so I’d rather keep him than lose him.










Mingdurga is the only sane commenter.


BBWAA screws up again

January 6, 2011

Another ballot, another mediots post. I am making this post separate from the previous one since I don’t want to ruin my congratulatory post with BBWAA nonsense.

This has to be one of the worse ballots in recent BBWAA history.

1) I will NOT give them credit for Alomar and Blyleven. Both were just a couple votes away from making it. Both were shoe-ins.

2) How does Kevin Brown fall off the ballot? Whether you believe he is a HOF’er or not, he has a case and thus is deserving of more time on the ballot. Juan Gonzalez will live to see another ballot but not K-Brown? Pathetic.

3) Edgar Martinez dropped in percentage points. How does that happen? You would think over time he would get support as people realize he put up godly numbers and they would relax on the DH thing. Guess not.

4) Larry Walker at 20%? Unlike some other deserving people on the ballot, I think Walker will get in at some point. But 20% is awfully. His % practically confirms my belief the majority of voters don’t care and don’t look at the numbers.

5) I give up. Trammell will never get 😦

6) No words need to be said on Bagwell. He clearly is one of the best first baseman EVER. But made up rumors are keeping him out. The BBWAA makes a mockery of professional journalism yet again.


At least Tim Raines gained support. I never thought I’d say this, but he might have a chance going forward. Today on MLBN, even someone like Mitch Williams gave him support- and even said he was the Rickey Henderson of the NL. Finally some mediot understands!

Also, I can almost guarantee Barry Larkin gets in next ballot. He jumped into the 60% range and the newcomers to the next ballot are weak. Larkin can jump 13% in support. I will not blame them for Mark McGwire. It’s a touchy subject and I can understand why he still gets no support.

My 2011 Hall of Fame ballot

December 22, 2010

Going off what The Yankee U did earlier today, I will be posting my hypothetical Hall of Fame ballot. Obviously I don’t have a vote, but if I did this is what my ballot would look like (in no order)

1. Bert Blyleven (4970 IP, 3.19 FIP, 87.6 rWAR)

Can we give the man his due, BBWAA? He was an extremely consistent, durable, and GOOD pitcher for a LONG time. If that is not Hall of Fame worthy than I don’t know what is.

2. Roberto Alomar (10400 PA, .300/.371/.443/.365/125 and 68.2 fWAR)

He just missed the 75% mark last year so I strongly believe he gets in this year and deservedly so. He was a phenomenal hitter for a second baseman and could bring it with the glove.

3. Barry Larkin (9057 PA, .295/.371/.444/.366/124 and a 69.8 fWAR)

Larkin is a contemporary of Alomar and arguably a better play than Alomar was. Barry was one of the first shortstops to the revolutionize the offensive side of the position, was a great fielder, and had seasons that were above the 6 WAR MVP threshold.

4. Edgar Martinez (8672 PA, .312/.418/.515/.405/151 and a 71.6 fWAR)

He only got 36.2% of the vote last year which is quite pathetic. And you know it’s because he was a DH. The BBWAA recognizes he was an all-time great hitter, but because he only “played half the game” they are gonna penalize him which is bullshit. The fact is, he was a .300 hitter, .400 OBP guy, and .500 power guy. That is exceptional. Moreover, despite being a DH and incurring a large positional penalty, he still accumulated an fWAR over 70. The man is a Hall of Famer.

5. Tim Raines (10359 PA, .294/.385/.425/.374/137 and a 71.0 fWAR)

Tim Raines is the poster boy for SABR-heads everywhere. The BBWAA shoots him down since he lacked power, was overshadowed by Rickey Henderson, and was a part-time player by the time he retired. But he was an on-base god in his prime. Moreover, he was arguably the best base stealer of all-time as he not only stole a high volume of bases (808) but did so at a super efficient rate (85%). He may never be voted into the Hall of Fame, which truly would be a shame.

6. Mark McGwire (7660 PA, .263/.394/.588/.415/161 and a 70.6 fWAR)

The only reason and I mean ONLY reason for leaving him out of the Hall is the whole steroids issue. When it comes to his on-field production, there is no way around the fact he is a Hall of Famer. I mean, just look at the stat line I posted.

7. Alan Trammell (9375 PA, .285/.352/.415/.434/115 and a 69.5 fWAR)

Trammell is another player who will probably never be recognized by the BBWAA. Why? Because they don’t understand context. Nowadays his offensive numbers don’t seem so great but during the era he played in, for a shortstop, those were some crazy good numbers. He was Cal Ripken before Cal Ripken. Also, the MSM fails to properly weight defense and Trammell was a defensive whiz. He and Lou Whitaker were arguably the best DP tandem in baseball history and yet neither is in the Hall of Fame. Something is wrong with that picture.

8. Jeff Bagwell (9431 PA, .297/.408/.540/.406/152 and an 83.9 fWAR)

Yeah, this one is a no-doubter. Bagwell is one of the best players of his generation and one of the best first baseman of all-time. Not even the BBWAA can screw this one up.

9. Larry Walker (8030 PA, .313/.400/.565/.414/145 and a 72.2 fWAR)

Walker should be another no-doubter. Yes, his offensive numbers were aided by Coors Field. BUT he put up great numbers before he got to Colorado, so he wasn’t just a product of Coors Field. Moreover, he was a remarkable defensive player. He was a career .300/.400/.500 guy which is quite impressive.

10. Kevin Brown (3256 IP, 3.33 FIP, 77.2 fWAR)

K-Brown is just the second pitcher on my ballot and a kind of close call for me. Dominant may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of him, but that’s because, like Mike Mussina, he was overshadowed by other dominant pitchers such as Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. The fact remains that Brown has a phenomenal ERA, FIP, and xFIP. His 77.2 fWAR is well above the Hall of Fame threshold and he had 7 MVP-esque seasons according to WAR. He is a Hall of Famer in my book.


So I used up all ten spots, but that’s okay since there was no one else I wanted to elect. If only the BBWAA could read this.

Hall of Famer Ron Santo dead at age 70

December 4, 2010

Oh yeah, that’s right, the BBWAA never elected Ron Santo in the Hall of Fame while he was alive to enjoy it. Fuck them. That might sound in bad taste, considering the topic of the post, it’s a stain on the BBWAA.

Click here to see an awesome graphic on BtB to see Santo’s awesomeness. He will be missed and hopefully the Veteran’s Committee elects him to the HOF one day.

Holy shit, the BBWAA is coming around

November 18, 2010

Today they announced that Felix Hernandez won the AL Cy Young AND he got 21/28 first place votes. Wowzers.

I love to give the BBWAA crap, but this has been one of the better award seasons in a long time, so I will give them props for coming around. More and more they are starting to say goodbye to the truly horrible stats, like W/L record, which I’ll take. Sure, we won’t see them using WAR anytime soon, but slowly they are starting to reach the middle ground between19th century stats and Sabermetrics.

Just a few years ago Bartolo Colon embarrassingly won the Cy Young because he had 21 wins, while Johan Santana had 16 wins. Well, Felix Hernandez had 13 wins and beat out CC Sabathia who had 21 wins.

Maybe we should change this blog’s byline.

Annoying media narratives

October 9, 2010

I swear, I want the blood of the next MSM reporter to mention how Minnesota got screwed by the umpires in game 2.


Ignoring narratives and looking at reality, Pavano got a generous- to say the least- strike call on a pitch that passed over chalk on the right-handed batters box. Umps shouldn’t be in the business of giving make up calls, but had the ump called that one pitch a ball, then Pavano’s strike called ball would not have been strike three. But admitting that means less papers sold and less articles read so of course the media will ignore it.

Moreover, the Yankees DOMINATED that game. For a good 3 or 4 straight innings, Andy Pettitte completely shutdown the Twins offense. Meanwhile, the Yankees were pounding Pavano. Yes, he pitched in the seventh, but many outs were hit hard and the Yankees had a ton of base runners in the game. The game was more lopsided than the score indicated.

The Twins were outplayed and the home plate ump did not turn the game like the media would have you believe.


My Colin Cowherd rant

September 29, 2010

Yes, I know he is a mediot, so I shouldn’t be getting worked up. But I am anyway. On his radio show today he ignorantly declared Mike Mussina is not close to being a HOF’er and said Garvey was a no-doubter.

Reasons against Mussina- he nibbled, never won a lot of games, was not an ace, and didn’t throw hard.

Reasons for Garvey- he was overshadowed by Ron Cey but was good and won the MVP.

Wow, just wow.

Please, stop being ignorant, Colin.


Now pitchers are given full credit for a game when as starters they have around a 1/3 impact on the game. C’mon!

Mussina: 7.11 K/9, 1.98 BB/9, 0.95 HR/9, and the kicker- an 85.6 WAR.

Schilling (who Cowherd compared Mussina to) : 8.60 K/9, 1.96 BB/9, 0.96 HR/9 and 86.1 WAR


And please, don’t complain about the stats, Colin. Just because YOU think it’s nerdy, that doesn’t take away the legitimacy of them. Mussina is a HOF’er, as well as Schilling.

Remember, Mussina DID throw hard. Back on the Orioles. Just because he threw 90 when he was old, it means how he pitched in his 20’s doesn’t count?

Garvey is not a HOF’er. I’m not going to spend time on this one.

Too bad he won’t read this.