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Reconstructing the MLB Hall of Fame: Second base

August 25, 2010

Results are finally in!


Rogers Hornsby- 100%

Eddie Collins- 100%

Nap Lajoie- 100%

Joe Morgan- 100%

Charlie Gehringer- 100%

Frankie Frisch- 100%

Lou Whitaker- 100%

Roberto Alomar- 100%

Joe Gordon- 100%

Jackie Robinson- 100%

Bobby Grich- 87.5%

Craig Biggio- 87.5%

Ryne Sandberg- 87.5%

Bobby Doerr- 87.5%

Tony Lazzeri- 87.5%

Willie Randolph- 75%


Jeff Kent- 50%

Cupid Childs- 50%

Johnny Evers- 37.5%

Billy Herman- 37.5%

Larry Doyle- 12.5%

Nellie Fox- 12.5%

Bid McPhee- 12.5%

Gil McDougald- 12.5%

Tony Phillips- 0%

Buddy Myer- 0%

Del Pratt- 0%

Miller Huggins- 0%

Red Schoendienst- 0%

Chuck Knoblauch- 0%

Bill Mazeroski- 0%

I’m liking Willie Randolph getting in. Also, YES! Grich, Whitaker are in the Hall of Fame! FINALLY! I am also surprised Sandberg and Grich were not 100%.

Players we kicked out: Johnny Evers, Nellie Fox, Billy Herman, Bill Mazeroski, Bid McPhee, and Red Schoendienst.

Players we voted in: Lou Whitaker, Roberto Alomar, Bobby Grich, Craig Biggio, and Willie Randolph.

Next up: third base


Reconstructing the MLB Hall of Fame: First base

August 8, 2010

The first base results are in and some of the results may surprise you.

Lou Gehrig- 100%
Jimmie Foxx- 100%
Pete Rose- 100%
Capp Anson- 100%
Roger Conor- 100%
Jeff Bagwell- 100%
Rod Carew- 100%
Dan Brouthers- 100%
Frank Thomas- 100%
Eddie Murray- 100%
Harmon Killebrew- 100%
Willie McCovey- 100%
Johnny Mize- 100%
Dick Allen- 100%
Willie Stargell- 87.5%
Mark McGwire- 87.5%
Hank Greenberg- 87.5%
George Sisler- 87.5%


Bill Terry- 62.5%
Keith Hernandez- 50%
Frank Chance- 50%
Rafael Palmeiro- 25%
Will Clark- 25%
Tony Perez- 12.5%
Norm Cash- 12.5%
John Olerud- 12.5%
Ed Konetchy- 12.5%
Orlando Cepeda- 12.5%
Boog Powell- 12.5%
Joe Judge- 12.5%
Gil Hodges- 12.5%
Fred McGriff- 0%
Jake Becley- 0%
Jack Clark- 0%
Fred Teney- 0%
Al Oliver- 0%
Jake Daubert- 0%
Mark Grace- 0%
Don Mattingly- 0%

Disappointed Bill Terry and Keith Hernandez fell short. Hernandez was the best first baseman of his birth generation, he was one of the best first basemen of his playing time, he was always one of the best players on his teams if not the best, he was the best defensive first baseman ever, and had a decade long peak of excellent/borderline MVP seasons. But my peers have good reasons for leaving him out.

Players we kicked out: Jake Becley, Jim Bottomley, Orlando Cepeda, Frank Chance, George Kelly, Tony Perez, and Bill Terry

Players we voted in*: Mark McGwire and Dick Allen

*Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas were also voted in, but they never appeared on a ballot yet since they are not currently eligible. We actually have faith that the BBWAA will vote them on the first ballot.

Next up: Second base

Reconstructing the MLB Hall of Fame: Catcher

August 4, 2010

The real life, current Hall of Fame sucks. Case in point- Jim Rice.

So eight people- myself, some writers, and a couple other people- decided to get together and reconstruct the Hall of Fame, position by position. Yes, eight people seems small, but keep in mind these are eight really smart and really bright baseball minds that are more qualified when it comes to baseball analysis than most members of the BBWAA. In order to be elected, a player had to receive 75% of the vote (6/8) just like the real life ballot. Also, we can vote for however many people at a position as we want, unlike the real vote where I believe you can only cast a vote for a maximum of ten people per ballot.

For future Hall of Fame reference, use ours. It will be better.

The first position we voted on was catcher. Here are the results:

Johnny Bench- 100%
Carlton Fisk- 100%
Yogi Berra- 100%
Mike Piazza- 100%
Mickey Cochrane- 100%
Gary Carter- 87.5%
Bill Dickey- 87.5%
Roy Campanella- 87.5%
Gabby Hartnett- 75%

Joe Torre- 62.5%
Ted Simmons- 50%
Brian Downing- 25%
Thurman Munson- 25%
Buck Ewing- 12.5%
Gene Tenace- 12.5%
Wally Schang- 12.5%
Roger Bresnahan- 12.5%
King Kelly- 0%
Lance Parrish- 0%
Ernie Lomardie- 0%
Bill Freehan- 0%

Next up: First base

So there are nine catcher’s in the Hall of Fame, compared to thirteen in real life. All of the people we voted on are Hall of Famer’s or will be Hall of Famer’s. However, Roger Bresnahan, Buck Ewing, Rick Ferrell, Ernie Lombardi, and Ray Schalk have been removed.