Since we do most of our research through sites such as fangraphs, BP, and statcorner, we decided to link up to their glossaries in order to help out the readers scratching their heads when reading about “WAR” and not knowing what it means. Also, sorry for the run-on sentence.

On fangraphs by clicking around you can learn all about UZR and WAR, while on BP you can read about EqA, and on statcorner you can catch up on tRA and wOBA.

Unique Glossary/Abbreviations:

AS- All-Star

ASG- All-Star Game

FB- Fly ball

Fb- Fastball

GB- Ground ball

GG- Gold Glove

G.O.A.T.- Greatest of all-time

HOF- Hall of Fame

LD- Line drive

Soft Velvet- someone with a smooth glove. It is a noun. In the noun form it’s “Atta way to flash the smooth velvet, Nyjer!” or it’s “Smooth Velvet doing work”. Actually, I don’t know if it’s a noun. I’m guessing.

SS- Silver Slugger

SSS– Small sample size

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