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4PARL’s Back, Alright!

October 20, 2013

That’s right! After a two+ year hiatus, 4PARL is back. Over the past year I have been posting at But I am going back to this blog for my baseball posts. Below are some links to some articles put up on that blog.

The Yankees Dire Financial Situation

Don Mattingly’s Black Hole in Centerfield

Mike Matheny cost the Cardinals in Game 3 of the NLDS

Alfonso Soriano to the New York Yankees

Jackie Robinson v Chase Utley

Hall of Fame: Bobby Abreu

The Sacrifice Bunt

The Four Man Rotation


4PARL 2011 (Belated) Season Predictions

April 10, 2011

Very late. School happens.


Disco Playoffs:

Boston over Texas
Minnesota over NY
Boston over Minnesota

Phillies over Reds
Braves over Giants
Braves over Phillies

Red Sox over Braves


Red Sox over White Sox
Rangers over Yankees (This comes down to who acquires a pitcher or whose young gun develops, Hughes v Felix/Holland)

Phillies over Brewers
Braves over Rockies

Red Sox over Rangers
Braves over Phillies

….I refuse to put the last one.


Yankees over Tigers
A’s over Red Sox

Reds over Phillies
Brewers over Rockies

Yankees over A’s (Game 7 walk-off HR from Eric Chavez)
Reds over Brewers

Reds over Yankees

Disco’s awards:

NL MVP: Pujols
AL Cy Young: Jon Lester
NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay
AL ROY: Jeremy Hellickson
NY ROY: Aroldis Chapman
AL COY: AJ Burnett
NL COY: Matt Kemp
AL Fireman: Joakim Soria
NL Fireman: Aroldis Chapman
AL Offensive POY: Manny Ramirez
NL Offensive POY: Albert Pujols
AL Defensive POY: Evan Longoria
NL Defensive POY: Troy Tulowitzki
AL Most Improved: Brian Matuz
NL Most Improved: Seth Smith
AL Breakout: Max Scherzer
NL Breakout: Pedro Alvarez
AL Player to watch- Shin-coo Choo
NL Player to watch- Jayson Heyward
BOLD ASS Predictions
Cubs win the Central
Mike Morse wins the MVP (or at the HR crown)



AL EAST preview STILL to come. I don’t care if we put it up in September. It’s coming. Oh yeah, not even two weeks in and my Manny for AL Offensive POY is looking real good.