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Jaime Garcia extended by St. Louis

July 13, 2011

Today the St. Louis Cardinals announced they signed pitcher Jaime Garcia to a 4/$27.5mil deal. So the deal will run from 2012-2015, covering Garcia’s age 26-29 seasons. There are also two club options. Also, the contract buys out his remaining arbitration years, while the options would buy out two years of free agency.

I really like this deal. Garcia had a 3.41 FIP in 2010 and has a 2.98 FIP in 2011. Moreover, he is a ground ball pitcher and is on pace for another 3+ WAR season. He’s also in his mid-twenties and has plenty of good years ahead. The AAV of this deal is $6.876mil. At that level of pay, Garcia doesn’t even need to be an average pitcher (2.0 WAR) to earn his paycheck. Chances are though he will perform much better than 1.5-2.0 WAR.

So in 2012, in what would have been another pre-arbitration year, Garcia will make about $7mil- or at least that’s what I presume since I don’t believe they announced per year figures yet. There St. Louis will overpay compared to what they would have given him, BUT, it’s still less than his market value. Through his arbitration seasons, I’d say by his second one he would have earned about $7mil, and then in the final year of the contract, the Cardinals would begin saving money and would keep doing so if they pick up his options.

So- short term Cardinals will not save money, but will do so in the long run. Moreover, they lock up a young arm on the cheap (compared to his actual value), as they look to the future and decide what to do with Albert Pujols.

For Garcia it’s a no-brainer since he’ll be paid money sooner rather than later and gets nice security and at early stage in his career.

St. Louis Cardinals sign Lance Berkman

December 5, 2010


I like, but don’t like this deal.


1) Offense. Berkman isn’t the player he was in the past, but I am still a believer that he can be a productive hitter- better than his production last season. Outside Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, the Cardinals have no offense. So he Berkman provides an upgrade there.

2) It’s a fair deal. I think he will earn about 2 WAR. So that will probably come to a little more than $8mil.


1) Defense. He will be playing left field. It’s been three seasons since Berkman has played outfield and he was never great there to begin with. With the way his lower body has treated him lately, I can only imagine the nightmare he will be. He might generate a lot of value hitting, but he could give it all away with the glove. Plus, it means Holliday will move to right. Holliday should handle right field, but you know he is a good fielder in left so why chance it? If Berkman doesn’t hit, this could be a major sunken cost for St. Louis.


The amazingness of Albert Pujols

October 3, 2010

The stats that follow are from BEFORE today’s game.

Albert Pujols has a 7.3 WAR. It’s his lowest since 2002 (5.7 WAR).

Albert Pujols has a .313 BA. It’s the lowest of his career.

Albert Pujols has a .415 OBP. It’s his lowest since 2002* (.394 OBP).

Albert Pujols has a .598 SLG. It’s his lowest since 2007 (.568 SLG). His next lowest SLG was in 2002.

Albert Pujols has a .420 wOBA. It’s his lowest since 2007 (.414 wOBA).

Albert Pujols had a Fld. rating on FG of 0.8. It’s his lowest since 2002 (-3.8).

Albert Pujols is amazing.

*He had a .415 OBP in 2004 as well

The Cardinals iz dumb

September 5, 2010

Tony LaRussa didn’t play Colby Rasmus everyday, even though Rasmus is an up and coming star who was having an excellent season. Now Rasmus wants out of St. Louis, and Albert Pujols does as well. What a mess.

I don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes, but it looks like LaRussa let a personal disagreement dictate playing time. Rasmus had a 2.3 WAR as a rookie and was on his way to an even better season, until LaRussa significantly reduced his playing time. Why? Well, I can’t say there is a good reason. He has a 128 wRC+ for a center fielder, with okay defense. But for some reason LaRussa stopped playing him everyday.

The end result is Rasmus wants out and a trade seems like the only answer to the fued.

Way to go, St. Louis. Maybe Rasmus is being a little immature, but he just wants to play because he knows he’s one of the best players you have. Now you will be losing a guy who is emerging as one of the best center fielder’s in baseball. Plus, you lose leverage you have in a trade because other teams know you have no other options at this point.

I know we have a full outfield, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Colby Rasmus in pinstripes. But he deserves better and I hope he is traded to a team that will respect his talents.

Buster Olney breaks down the awards races

August 21, 2010

In a recent ESPN article, Buster Olney handicapped the AL/NL MVP and Cy Young races. The piece was interesting enough to draw my attention. I will go through each piece of the article to share my thoughts.

There are six weeks of baseball remaining, a quarter of a season, in which a lot can change. In 2004, Vladimir Guerrero mashed his way to the American League MVP Award by hitting .363 in September and hoisting the Angels onto his back: He generated 11 homers and 25 RBIs in that late push.

There is a lot more baseball to play in 2010. But as of today, here’s how we’d handicap the races for the two major awards in each league.


1. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers. He leads the majors in OPS and RBIs and is tied for second in the AL in homers, all the while playing half his games in a pitchers’ park.

So far I have no complaints. While I believe Josh Hamilton is the MVP, I wouldn’t complain if Miguel Cabrera won the award. I know and you know OPS and RBI are junk stats, but in this case Olney is still picking a solid candidate to win the award.

2. Josh Hamilton, Rangers. He’s hitting .375 since the All-Star break, and .396 overall in home games.

No problems here. Although, saying he has hit .396 at home hurts his argument that Hamilton has been really good. Considering his BA is in the .350 range, it shows his home park has inflated his BA. Considering Olney takes a players home park into consideration- he did so with Cabrera- then Olney did not make a convincing case for Hamilton. My argument wouldn’t hinge on a stat like BA at all.

3. Robinson Cano, Yankees. The most important player in this lineup in 2010, and he has been excellent defensively.

That’s fine.

Others in the conversation: Delmon Young, Twins; Adrian Beltre, Boston; Evan Longoria, Rays; Paul Konerko, White Sox. But to be clear, there is an enormous gap between the top two candidates and the rest of the field.

Really Olney? Really? Delmon Young is in the conversation? What conversation? Young has finally put together a solid year offensively , but his defense continues to suck. His 2.0 WAR is average. Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer, Orlando Hudson, Jim Thome, and Denard Span are all Twins players with a better WAR. That’s 5/9 of the Twins starting lineup alone. Young is not in the MVP conversation.

Paul Konerko is not in the conversation either. He has been good, not great. The worst part is that while Konerko is mentioned, a player on a better team who has had a much better season is not mentioned at all- Carl Crawford. That is a poor oversight by Olney.


1. Joey Votto, Reds. His numbers are basically running neck-and-neck with those of Albert Pujols — and Votto’s team is in first place, which will count for something in the voting.


2. Adrian Gonzalez, Padres. Numbers do not fully reflect what he means to San Diego’s success, between his defense and what teammates perceive to be an extraordinarily unselfish approach

Stoopid, just stoopid. Olney thinks he is the second most valuable player in the league, when is “only” the fourth most valuable player- at all first base alone! He’s having a fine season, but it doesn’t compare to Albert Pujols or Votto. The entire pitching staff, defense, and lady luck are the MVP’s of San Diego because they are winning due to those three things. Even with A-Gonz, the Padres offense is anemic.

3. Pujols, Cardinals. He’s having another great season.

Good analysis!

Others in the conversation: Aubrey Huff, Giants; Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies; and the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman, who will get a lot of top 10 votes. Again, there is a major gap between the top tier of candidates — Votto, Gonzalez and Pujols — and the rest of the field.

I will give kudos to Olney. He mentioned Zimmerman, a top three MVP candidate, which I was not expecting since he is on a last place team and gets a lot of value from defense. So I will excuse him for saying there is a gap between Zimmerman and Votto or Pujols, when Zimmerman might have the best case of the three.

AL Cy Young Award

1. Cliff Lee, Mariners/Rangers. His WHIP is a major league best 0.95.

Here’s one barometer of just how good Lee has been, from Daniel Braunstein of ESPN Stats & Information:

The lowest percentage of pitches thrown on 2-0, 3-0 or 3-1 counts:

Pct. K/BB
Cliff Lee 3.53 14.50
Roy Halladay 4.21 7.20
Ricky Nolasco 4.72 4.90
Scott Baker 4.92 3.90
Kevin Slowey 4.99 3.92
Phil Hughes 5.00 3.05
Carl Pavano 5.14 3.45
Josh Johnson 5.14 4.26
Roy Oswalt 5.20 3.36
Dan Haren 5.25 4.94
For the sake of comparison, the highest percentage of pitches thrown on 2-0, 3-0 or 3-1:

Pct. K/BB
Gio Gonzalez 9.93 1.81
Tim Lincecum 9.38 2.73
Wade LeBlanc 9.15 2.11
Derek Lowe 9.07 1.87
C.J. Wilson 8.81 1.80
Joe Saunders 8.66 1.62
Jaime Garcia 8.50 1.94
Brandon Morrow 8.44 2.55
Trevor Cahill 8.43 .95
CC Sabathia 8.37 2.34

Well, Olney took a weird route to his final answer, but at least he picked this one correctly. Lee is having his best season and arguably the best season since Pedro in 2000 (or Zack Greinke in 2009).

2. Felix Hernandez, Mariners. He’s been absolutely dominant in the second half, with a 1.93 ERA.

Felix has had a great second half, but he should not be second in this race. Francisco Liriano has been filthy this season, but Carl Pavano is getting all the attention in Minny. Who does Liriano need to jerk off to get some respect?

3. David Price, Rays. Fifth in ERA and tied for second in wins with 15

We know better than to use ERA and wins, but Olney doesn’t. So it’s hard to criticize him for this pick. But what about other great lefties instead of Price? Like, lets say, Jon Lester?

3a. Trevor Cahill, Athletics

No, just no. King Luck should not be considered. I like Cahill and he does a nice job garnering ground balls. But he relies on BABIP too much. He doesn’t strike many people out. So balls are put in play a ton against him. By getting ground balls he does a good job to help himself from giving up too many base runners via hits, but a .213 BABIP is absurd. That is not his talent level at all, which is why he should not be in the Cy Young running.

Others in the conversation: CC Sabathia, Yankees; Clay Buchholz, Red Sox; Jered Weaver, Angels.


NL Cy Young Award

1. Adam Wainwright, Cardinals. He has gotten better and better and better as the season has progressed.

No qualms here, although it should be Doc Halladay or Josh Johnson.

2. Tim Hudson, Braves. Having an incredible bounce-back season.

No. See Cahill, Trevor.

3. Roy Halladay, Phillies. He has a shot at 20 wins in his first season with the Phillies.

Open your eyes and look at the numbers, Buster. Halladay, a future HOF’er at this point in time, is having his best season. He should be 1 or 2 (if you like J-Johnson). Not three. Poor effort here.

Again, who does J-Johnson need to jerk off? 5.6 WAR, 2.27 ERA, 2.45 FIP, 3.16 xFIP. Yeah, nbd I guess.

Handicapping the Awards – NL MVP Version

July 14, 2010

Much like the AL MVP race, the National League MVP race has no clear favorite at this point in the season. Unlike the AL, however, the race isn’t nearly as deep or star studded. Only two NL players have a 4.0+ WAR, while every player but one I highlighted in the AL has a WAR above 4.0. Also, this is the first time in a couple seasons the NL has even had a MVP race because of Albert Pujols’ complete domination the past couple years.

The Canadian bacon favorite

Joey Votto – 1b – Cincinnati Reds (4.2 WAR)

In a close battle with David Wright, Joey Votto has the slight edge. They have near identical WAR’s (4.2 to 4.1 for Wright) so it practically is a toss-up and you have to look deep at the numbers to really pick one over the other. One reason Votto is the favorite is the offensive production. Leading the league in OBP, SLG, wOBA, and wRC+, Votto has a line of .314/.422/.589/.433/169. So yeah, let’s call him the best offensive player in the NL in 2010. It really isn’t even that close either- Albert Pujols is second to Votto in wOBA, trailing by a mere 22 points. Votto may be a first baseman, so he should be expected to have better numbers than Wright, a third baseman, but Votto’s numbers are still very impressive. As far as defense is concerned, Votto has been a good defender in the past and in 737 innings thus far, he has a 4.0 UZR and +7 DRS. What truly separates Votto from Wright, for me, is the clutch factor. When it comes to the MVP, you should reward those valuable players who also do perform well in critical situations. Votto’s 2.99 WPA is the third best mark in the NL and a lot better than Wright’s. Votto’s clutch score is also better than Wright’s. In a close race that can change daily, Votto is my current favorite. Neither player should slow up in the second half, so it should be fun to see them slug it out- literally.

FG rest of season projection: 271 PA, .301/.388/.534/.400

FG updated final season numbers: 639 PA, .308/.407/.565/.420

The co-MVP favorite and the rest of the second tier

David Wright – 3b – New York Mets (4.1 WAR)

After a slow start to the season, following a so-so 2009 season, David Wright had many Mets fan concerned. But that alarm had no time to settle in as Wright soon went into warp drive. Wright is hitting .314/.392/.532/.396/149 and has been good with the glove posting a 3.3 UZR and +3 DRS in 771 innings. In 2007 and 2008 Wright had MVP caliber seasons, and is in the midst of another one. Votto may being having the better year offensively, but Wright is near equal in terms of value because of his position. WAR adjusts for position and despite that, Votto is still .1 of a win better, a negligible amount. So it comes down to the clutch factor. As I already mentioned, Votto has a better WPA and clutch score. That was my deciding factor when all else was equal. But Wright can outright win the MVP with a better second half, plain and simple. I mean, they are dead even  as it stands right now. All he has to do is perform slightly better and the future Hall of Famer will be locking up his first MVP.

FG rest of season projection: 303 PA, .308/.395/.510/.397

FG updated final season numbers: 674 PA, .311/.393/.522/.398

Matt Holliday – OF – St. Louis Cardinals (3.9 WAR)

Has anybody heard Matt Holliday’s name this season, or is it just me? I know he is overshadowed by Albert Pujols in St. Louis, but the dood has been having ANOTHER great season and I’ve heard no mention of it. Many people considered the contract he signed with St. Louis in the off-season a horrible deal for the club, but so far he is living up to the money. He is hitting .300/.373/.529/.390/147 on the year. Those numbers are actually worse than his career averages, but in a year where offense across the board is down, those numbers are still among the NL leaders. Defensive statistics have always loved Holliday, and 2010 is no exception. In 721 innings he has a 9.2 UZR and +5 DRS. By the end of the year, he could be adding double digit run value in the batting and fielding component of WAR, something Votto and Wright won’t be able to say. However, Holliday has a lower WPA (0.93) than the two favorites, and has a pretty bad clutch score (-0.94). That’s going to really hurt his chances of winning the award. In a really SSS of high leverage PA, he has a wRC+ of 72. Take that sample size with a grain of salt, but his production thus far has dipped in big spots.

FG rest of season projection: .305/.384/.527/.399

FG updated final season numbers: .302/.378/.528/.397

Ryan Zimmerman – 3b – Washington Nationals (3.7 WAR)

I don’t buy into the belief that the MVP has to be on a winning team, which is why I have Zimmerman listed. So far he is hitting .294/.383/.526/.388/142 which is a tad behind David Wright. However, is the far superior fielder. He’s been great since entering the league and in 657 innings this season, he has a 6.4 UZR and +16 DRS. Another advantage he has over Wright is the offensive production in the game’s biggest spots. His WPA is 1.94- better than Wright, and he has a 0.08 clutch score. That’s not great by any means, but it’s better than Wright who has a negative score. If Zimmerman outproduces Wright with the bat in the second half, the two could flip flop in their current spots as Zimmy has the defensive and clutch advantage. The title for best third baseman in the NL between these two should be another exciting race for years to come.

FG rest of season projection: 288 PA, .288/.362/.510/.378

FG updated final season numbers: 621 PA, .291/.373/.518/.386

The Machine

Albert Pujols – 1b – St. Louis Cardinals (3.4 WAR)

Why didn’t you eliminate them, Albert? is a question his cyborg self must asking, with “them” referring the NL field of MVP candidates. In 2008 and 2009 he seemingly ran away with the award, but that has not been the case in 2010. In fact, he hasn’t even been the best first baseman. But he is Albert Pujols so I’m not counting him out. So far he is hitting .308/.416/.576/.412/161 which are the best numbers in the NL outside Joey Votto. If his second half mirrors his 2009 production, he is going to win the MVP.

FG Rest of season projection: 301 PA, .328/.439/.620/.455

FG updated final season numbers: .317/.426/.595/.440


I think Joey Votto wins the award, especially if the Reds win the division. However, I believe when all is said and done, Albert Pujols will have the best numbers and thus should be the MVP. So I guess you can say whoever wins between those two depends on whose team wins the NL Central. While I didn’t make their case here, after Joey Votto and Albert Pujols, I believe Josh Johnson and Roy Halladay are next in line to win the MVP. I know people don’t like for pitchers to win the MVP award, but they are simply amazing and have been just as valuable if not more than valuable than my second tier candidates of David Wright, Matt Holliday, and Ryan Zimmerman.


March 31, 2010

Well, April 4th and the start of the 2010 season is just days away. There are more hours of daylight, flowers are starting to bloom, players are wrapping up their Spring Training regimen, teams are making their final roster decisions, and vendors are preparing their popcorn bags.  Regular season baseball is already upon us. Huzzah! Huzzah!

Okay, enough of that. Like most people, we here at 4PARL have predictions and guesses for the upcoming season. Not projections because we’re not a cool enough blog. Just our predictions based off projections and gut instincts. ENJOY OUR PREDICTION BONANZA!



Yankees over Rangers
Red Sox over Twins
Yankees over Red Sox

Phillies over Rockies
Cardinals over Braves
Cardinals over Phillies

Yankees over Cardinals


Yankees over Rangers
Red Sox over Twins
Yankees over Red Sox

Phillies over Cardinals
Rockies over Braves
Phillies over Rockies

Yankees over Phillies

10th batter-

Red Sox over Twins
Yankees over Angels
Yankees over Red Sox

Phillies over Cardinals
Rockies over Braves
Rockies over Phillies

Yankees over Phillies


Yankees over Rangers
Red Sox over White Sox
Yankees over Red Sox

Phillies over Rockies
Dodgers over Cardinals
Phillies over Dodgers

Yankees over Phillies


Yankees over Rangers
Red Sox over Twins
Yankees over Red Sox

Cardinals over Dodgers
Rockies over Phillies
Cardinals over Rockies

Yankees over Cardinals


Yankees over Twins
Red Sox over Mariners
Red Sox over Yankees

Phillies over Dodgers
Cardinals over Braves
Phillies over Cardinals

Red Sox over Phillies


Yankees over White Sox
Red Sox over Mariners
Yankees over Red Sox

Rockies over Marlins
Phillies over Cardinals
Rockies over Phillies

Yankees over Rockies


Disco- Mark Teixeira/Chase Utley

ES42- Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols

10thbatter- Evan Longoria and Chase Utley

Twaco- Evan Longoria/Albert Pujols

YC- Alex Rodriguez/Hanley Ramirez

JeffMac- Alex Rodriguez/Hanley Ramirez

Dougbies- Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols

Cy Young

Disco- CC Sabathia/Roy Halladay

ES42- Jon Lester/Roy Halladay

10thbatter- CC Sabathia/ Roy Halladay

Twaco- Felix Hernandez/Tim Lincecum

YC- Jon Lester/Roy Halladay

JeffMac- Felix Hernandez/Roy Halladay

Dougbies- CC Sabathia/Tim Lincecum

Rookie of Year:

Disco- Scott Sizemore/Ian Kennedy

ES42- Carlos Santana/Jason Heyward

10thbatter- Brian Matusz/Jason Heyward

Twaco- Desmond Jennings/Jason Heyward

YC- Austin Jackson/Jason Heyward

JeffMac- Scott Sizemore/Kyle Blanks

Dougbies- Wade Davis/Drew Storen

Comeback Player of Year:

Disco- Alexis Rios/Rickie Weeks

ES42- BJ Upton/Jose Reyes

10thbatter- Francisco Liriano/Geovany Soto

Twaco- BJ Upton/David Wright

YC- BJ Upton/David Wright

JeffMac- Dice-BB/Jeff Francis

Dougbies- Vernon Wells/Chris Young (ARI)

Relief Pitcher of Year:

Disco- Jon Papelbon/Trevor Hoffman

ES42- Mariano Rivera/Jon Broxton

10thbatter- Mariano Rivera/Jon Broxton

Twaco- Mariano Rivera/Jon Broxton

YC- Mariano Rivera/Jon Broxton

JeffMac- Jon Papelbon/Jon Broxton

Dougbies- Rafael Soriano/Jon Broxton

Offensive Player of Year:

Disco- Miguel Cabrera/Albert Pujols

ES42- Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols

10thbatter- Evan Longoria/Albert Pujols

Twaco- Evan Longoria/Albert Pujols

YC- Joe Mauer/Albert Pujols

JeffMac- Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols

Dougbies- Alex Rodriguez/Albert Pujols

Defensive Player of Year:

Disco- Franlin Guitierrez/Nyjer Morgan

ES42- Evan Longoria/Ryan Zimmerman

10thbatter- Elvis Andrus/Ryan Zimmerman

Twaco- Franklin Guitierrez/Ryan Zimmerman

YC- Franklin Guitierrez/Matt Kemp

JeffMac- Elvis Andrus/Justin Upton

Dougbies- Franlink Guitierrez/Ryan Zimmerman

Breakout Player of Year:

Disco- Sean Rodriguez/Clayton Kershaw

ES42- Elvis Andrus/Casey McGhee

10thbatter- Brettt Anderson/Joey Votto

Twaco- Elvis Andrus/Ricky Nolasco

YC- Ryan Sweeney/Yunel Escobar

JeffMac- Alex Gordon/Jon Sanchez

Dougbies- Matt Weiters/Colby Rasmus

Players to Watch:

Disco- Felix Hernandez/Justin Upton

ES42- Matt Weiters/Justin Upton

10thbattter- Jake Peavy/Clayton Kershaw

Twaco- Brett Gardner/Seth Smith

YC- Justin Verlander/Troy Tulowitzki

JeffMac- Matt Garza/John Maine

Dougbies- Matt Weiters/Ubaldo Jiminez



-Reds win the Wild Card

-A’s win the AL West

-Grady Sizemore joins the 40/40 club

– Cliff Lee posts a 3.75+ ERA

– Jon Lester becomes the best lefty in baseball (not so bold, but a prediction nonetheless)

-Twins make the World Series

-Diamondbacks make the World Series


-Beltran will get traded after having a good May/June/July
-Rockies finish with best record in the National League


– Brett Anderson finishes in the top 5 in AL Cy Young voting
– Evan Longoria hits 45+ homers
– B.J. Upton goes for 30/30


-Jesus Montero will win AL ROY
-Ricky Nolasco will win NL Cy Young
-Marlins will win NL East


-Francisco Liriano will have a mid 2 ERA
-Ryan Sweeney will have a 5.0 WAR season due to defense
-Michael Bourn will steal 70 bases


-Kyle Blanks trumps Jason Heyward in most stat categories
-Matt Garza wins the AL Cy Young
-The Rockies miss the playoffs
-Mike Cameron hits .260 w/30 HR
-The Chicago Cubs win the NL pennant


-Wieters finished 2010 with a higher WAR than Mauer
-Reds win more games than Cubs in 2010
-Rockies make the World Series
-Phil Hughes is Yankees third best starter in 2010
-Ichiro/Figgins combine to steal 100+ bags

Top 100 players of all-time: 30-21

January 2, 2010

30. Ricky Henderson


Henderson is the all-time steals leader with 1406. He is known for his flashy catches and his home run trots. Every where he went the fans loved his despite his selfish ego. He won a Gold Glove and a MVP. Henderson is a ten time All-Star.

29. Joe Morgan


Morgan was the spark at the top of the Reds lineup in the 1970’s. He won two MVP awards. After he was done playing ball he became an announcer. He is a five time Gold Glove winner and went to ten All-Star game.

28. Christy Mathewson

1.06/70.2 %/2.23/87.7

Mathewson was the greatest pitcher in Giants history. The right-hander won more games than any other pitcher in National League history and was one of the first five players elected to the Hall of Fame. Mathewson won two triple crowns.

27. Pete Alexander

1.12/71.4 %/2.85

Alexander holds the National League record with 373 victories. He won twenty games in a season as many as nine times. Alexander was a three time triple crown winner. In 1915,1916, and 1920.

26. Jimmie Foxx


Foxx was much more than a power hitter. Although he hit 534 home runs he also lead the league in batting twice. When he retired he was second on the all time home run list. He won three MVP’s and a triple crown. He made nine All-Star appearances.

25. Mike Schmidt


If you don’t consider A-Rod a third baseman then Schmidt is your number one. He had the power of Eddie Mathews and glove of Brooks Robinson. He won ten Gold Gloves and hit over 500 home runs. Schmidt won three MVP’s and made twelve All-Star games.

24. Mel Ott


He came to New York to play in the big leagues at the age of just seventeen years old. He was the first National League player to hit 500 home runs. He played twenty-two years with the Giants and retired with the National League lead in career home runs, runs scored, RBI, and walks.

23. Albert Pujols


He has been this good. Pujols in just nine seasons has hit at least thirty-two home runs every season. His lowest OBP and SLG were in 2002 and they were .394 and .561. Pujols won the 2001 Rookie of the Year and three MVP’s. He made the All-Star game eight times.

22. Greg Maddux

1.14/72.3 %/3.26/96.8

Maddux wasn’t a dominant fast ball pitcher, but he could place his spots. In the 1990’s he won four straight Cy Young’s. Four times in his career he posted an ERA two runs below his league’s average. He also won fourteen Gold Gloves. He was an eight time All-Star.

21. Alex Rodriguez


Rodriguez was a highly touted prospect. He started in his teens with the Mariners during the mid-1990’s. He was a great shortstop with power and defensive ability. By the time he turned thirty Rodriguez had hit 400 home runs. He made the switch to third base when he was traded to the Yankees in 2004. He struggled in the post-season until 2009 when he finally produced and helped the Yankees win their twenty seventh World Series. Rodriguez currently has 583 home runs.

4PARL end of season awards

October 8, 2009

It’s that time of the year again where people start mentioning their official votes for MLB season awards. If we had a vote, this is how it’d go down:


Disco- Joe Mauer

Bballer- Zack Greinke

Trekker- Joe Mauer

Twaco- Joe Mauer


Disco- Albert Pujols

Bballer- Albert Pujols

Trekker- Albert Pujols

Twaco- Albert Pujols

AL Cy Young:

Disco- Zack Greinke

Bballer- Zack Greinke

Trekker- Zack Greinke

Twaco- Zack Greinke

NL Cy Young:

Disco- Tim Lincecum

Bballer- Tim Lincecum

Trekker- Chris Carpenter

Twaco- Tim Lincecum

AL Rookie of Year:

Disco- Brett Anderson

Bballer- Elvis Andrus

Trekker- Jeff Niemann

Twaco- Brett Anderson

NL Rookie of Year:

Disco- Andrew McCutchen

Bballer- Garret Jones

Trekker- Andrew McCutchen

Twaco- Andrew McCutchen

AL DHL Delivery Man of Year:

Disco- Mariano Rivera

Bballer- Andrew Bailey

Trekker- Mariano Rivera

Twaco- Mariano Rivera

NL DHL Delivery Man of Year:

Disco- Jon Broxton

Bballer- Jon Broxton

Trekker- Jon Broxton

Twaco- Jon Broxton

Disco’s Silver Sluggers:

C- Joe Mauer; Brian McCann

1b- Miguel Cabrera; Albert Pujols

2b- Ben Zobrist; Chase Utley

3b- Alex Rodriguez; Pablo Sandoval

SS- Derek Jeter; Hanley Ramirez

OF- Jason Bay, JD Drew, Shin-soo Choo; Ryan Braun, Adam Dunn, Justin Upton

DH- Adam Lind

*Kevin Youkilis deserves props. He split between 1b/3b so I didn’t give him the benefit at 1b or 3b.

Bballer’s Silver Sluggers:

C- Joe Mauer; Brian McCann

1b- Miguel Cabrera; Albert Pujols

2b- Ben Zobrist; Chase Utley

3b- Kevin Youkilis; Ryan Zimmerman

SS- Derek Jeter; Hanley Ramirez

OF- Jason Bay, JD Drew, Adam Lind; Justin Upton, Jayson Werth, Ryan Braun

DH- Hideki Matsui

Trekker’s Silver Sluggers:

C- Joe Mauer; Brian McCann

1b- Miguel Cabrera; Albert Pujols

2b- Ben Zobrist; Chase Utley

3b- Alex Rodriguez; Pablo Sandoval

SS- Derek Jeter; Hanley Ramirez

OF- Jason Bay, Adam Lind, Shin-Soo Choo; Justin Upton, Adam Dunn, Ryan Braun

DH- Jason Kubel

Twaco’s Silver Sluggers:

C- Joe Mauer; Brian McCann

1b- Kevin Youkilis; Albert Pujols

2b- Ben Zobrist; Chase Utley

3B- Alex Rodriguez; Pablo Sandoval

SS- Derek Jeter; Hanley Ramirez

OF- Jason Bay, Adam Lind, JD Drew; Justin Upton, Ryan Braun, Adam Dunn

DH- Hideki Matsui

Disco’s Gold Gloves:

C- Kurt Suzuki; Yadier Molina

1b- Mark Teixeira; James Loney

2b- Chase Utley; Dustin Pedroia

3B- Evan Longoria; Ryan Zimmerman

SS- Elvis Andrus; Troy Tulowitzki

OF- Franklin Guitierez, Ryan Sweeney, David DeJesus; Nyjer Morgan, Mike Cameron, Randy Winn

Bballer’s Gold Glovers:

C- Joe Mauer; Yadier Molina

1b- Kevin Youkilis; Adrian Gonzalez

2b- Placido Polanco; Chase Utley

3b- Evan Longoria; Ryan Zimmerman

SS- Jason Bartlett; JJ Hardy

OF- Franklin Guitierez, Carl Crawford, BJ Upton; Mike Cameron, Colby Rasmus, Raul Ibanez

Trekker’s Gold Glovers:

C- Joe Mauer; Yadier Molina

1b- Mark Teixeira; Adrian Gonzalez

2b- Dustin Pedroia; Chase Utley

3b- Evan Longoria; Ryan Zimmerman

SS- Elvis Andrus; Rafael Furcal

OF- Ichiro, Franklin Guitierez, Carl Crawford; Nyjer Morgan, Mike Cameron, Colby Rasmus

Twaco’s Gold Glovers:

C- Joe Mauer; Yadier Molina

1b- Mark Teixeira; Albert Pujols

2b- Dustin Pedroia; Chase Utley

3B- Evan Longoria; Ryan Zimmerman

SS- Elvis Andrus; Rafael Furcal

OF- Nelson Cruz, Franklin Guitierez, David DeJesus; Justin Upton, Mike Cameron, Raul Ibanez

Handicapping the Awards – NL MVP Version

July 17, 2009

There are certain players that come around seemingly once a generation that have the ability to command the MVP award every single season. Unfortunately for every other player in the National League we are currently in the prime years of one of those players. That man of course, Albert Pujols, 1st baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals.

That doesn’t mean the 2009 National League MVP vote is guaranteed after 90 games but Prince Albert certainly seems to be running away with the award. None the less here is a breakdown with a review of the 1st half and 2nd half projections.

The Man, the Future Legend, and the MVP Favorite:

Albert Pujols – 1B – St. Louis Cardinals (5.1 WAR)

As stated above the 2009 NL MVP is seemingly Albert Pujols to lose after a little more than half the season. It no longer seems like a question of Pujols being the MVP favorite but rather if he can actually win the Triple Crown. Posting a line of .332/.456/.723 with a major league leading 32 home runs and 87 RBI lead people to believe he can accomplish this feat. More amazing though is that ZIPS projects an almost equally good 2nd half leading to a final line of .332/.450/.690 with 51 home runs and 144 RBI. Regardless is Albert delivers the fans of St. Louis a division title that stat line would almost assuredly bring home his third NL MVP.

2nd Tier…Those in contention if Albert Falters

Chase Utley – 2B – Philadelphia Phillies (4.8 WAR)

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes”…Chase Utley being the best 2nd baseman in baseball and not getting the MVP recognition come the end of September is close to adding itself to that short list. With a line of .312/.429/.572 his usual stellar defense (albeit with only a 1.6 UZR to this point in the season) Utley has once again been the best player on a very good Phillies team. If he can match the ZIPS projections for the rest of the season of .300/.395/.587 to finish at .307/.413/.562 with 35 homeruns and 114 RBI there is no doubt he will once again deserve to win an MVP but it’s almost as certain that he will finish behind his own not so deserving team mates.

Prince Fielder – 1B – Milwaukee Brewers (4.0 WAR)

When it comes to the MVP vote the BBWAA whether right or wrong wants to attach team success to an individual award and in the case of Prince Fielder along with our remaining nominees MVP hopes could sink or float with the success or failures of their team. In almost any other year a 4.0 WAR with a line of .315/.444/.621 would have any 1B in MVP contention (but with Pujols in the league it’s not like every other year). A final projection of .304/.426/.605 with 43 Homeruns and 140+ RBI and a Milwaukee division title or wild card spot could vault the big man up many voters’ ballots.

Hanley Ramirez – SS – Florida Marlins (3.9 WAR)

The young short stop of the Marlins seems destined to compete with Mauer as the best post Pujols player in a few years but his performance in 2009 should not be discounted. With improved defense and his annual electrifying offensive production Hanley Ramirez should once again be in the mix for NL MVP at season’s end. With a first half of .346/.408/.562 and 61 RBI, Ramirez like Fielder and Utley would be serious MVP threats in almost any other season. If the Marlins centerpiece can increase that 65% stolen base percentage to a more respectable level and continue to improve his defense along with matching his final line projection of .333/.402/.553 he could be the most serious threat to Pujols for the MVP and stand in his way of the triple crown by winning the NL batting title.

The Long Shot

Pablo Sandoval – 1B/3B – San Francisco Giants (3.1 WAR)

Every baseball season a team seemingly comes out of nowhere to make a charge for the playoffs. In the 2009 National League it is the pitching heavy San Francisco Giants. Luckily for Sandoval the media could fall in love with the loveable ‘Kung Fu Panda’ whom if he could match his first half of .333/.385/.578      15 home runs and 55 RBI and lead the anemic Giants offense to a wild card spot his name could be that out of nowhere candidate we seem to find every October. Sandoval’s 2nd half ZIPS projections of .298/.333/.488 don’t indicate that we’re in for an MVP run but weirder things have happened.


I realize that I left off the Dodgers superstar CF Matt Kemp, but almost half his value is in his defense (10.2 UZR) and I would be surprised if he maintained his Andruw Jones like defensive performance for the entire season. As for Raul Ibanez he has been magnificent but with Utley and Ryan Howard destined for another big Homerun and RBI second half I can’t find the way he actually wins the NL MVP 2009. With all that said, I have to go with the most boring route possible. Unless something dramatic happens Albert Pujols is going to win his 3rd National League MVP and officially supplant himself as one of the true legends of the game.