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Reconstructing the MLB Hall of Fame: First base

August 8, 2010

The first base results are in and some of the results may surprise you.

Lou Gehrig- 100%
Jimmie Foxx- 100%
Pete Rose- 100%
Capp Anson- 100%
Roger Conor- 100%
Jeff Bagwell- 100%
Rod Carew- 100%
Dan Brouthers- 100%
Frank Thomas- 100%
Eddie Murray- 100%
Harmon Killebrew- 100%
Willie McCovey- 100%
Johnny Mize- 100%
Dick Allen- 100%
Willie Stargell- 87.5%
Mark McGwire- 87.5%
Hank Greenberg- 87.5%
George Sisler- 87.5%


Bill Terry- 62.5%
Keith Hernandez- 50%
Frank Chance- 50%
Rafael Palmeiro- 25%
Will Clark- 25%
Tony Perez- 12.5%
Norm Cash- 12.5%
John Olerud- 12.5%
Ed Konetchy- 12.5%
Orlando Cepeda- 12.5%
Boog Powell- 12.5%
Joe Judge- 12.5%
Gil Hodges- 12.5%
Fred McGriff- 0%
Jake Becley- 0%
Jack Clark- 0%
Fred Teney- 0%
Al Oliver- 0%
Jake Daubert- 0%
Mark Grace- 0%
Don Mattingly- 0%

Disappointed Bill Terry and Keith Hernandez fell short. Hernandez was the best first baseman of his birth generation, he was one of the best first basemen of his playing time, he was always one of the best players on his teams if not the best, he was the best defensive first baseman ever, and had a decade long peak of excellent/borderline MVP seasons. But my peers have good reasons for leaving him out.

Players we kicked out: Jake Becley, Jim Bottomley, Orlando Cepeda, Frank Chance, George Kelly, Tony Perez, and Bill Terry

Players we voted in*: Mark McGwire and Dick Allen

*Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas were also voted in, but they never appeared on a ballot yet since they are not currently eligible. We actually have faith that the BBWAA will vote them on the first ballot.

Next up: Second base

Top 100 players of all-time: 40-31

December 31, 2009

40. Hank Greenberg


Greenberg was a power hitter who led the American League in home runs three times and had a total of 331 homers. Greenberg won the MVP twice and made the All-Star game five times.

39. Jackie Robinson

Robinson is one of the most well known players of all-time. He broke the color barrier in Major League baseball in 1947 while on the Brooklyn Dodgers.He was constantly taunted and threatened on and off the field due to his race. He won the Rookie of the Year in 1947 and the MVP award in 1949. He made six All-Star games.

38. Johnny Bench


On my list Bench is the second best catcher of all-time. He was known for his defense, power, and clutch ability in the playoffs. Bench was apart of those great 1970 Reds teams. He won the Rookie of the year and two MVP awards. He was a ten time Gold Glove winner and made the All-Star game fourteen times.

37. Yogi Berra


Berra is my number one catcher. He won three MVP awards and won ten World Series titles with the Yankees. No other player won that many in Major League Baseball history. He was one of the earlier power hitting catchers. He had 358 home runs. Berra made fifteen All-Star games. Also who doesn’t love a good Yogi-ism?

36. Gaylord Perry

1.18/73.3 %/3.06/96.3

Perry was known for his sinking fastball. He was also caught greasing the ball once in his twenty-two seasons, but said he did it his entire career. Perry was the first to win the Cy Young in both leagues. Perry was a five time All-Star.

35. Cy Young

1.13/64.1 %/2.82/146.0

Cy Young seemed to never have a sore arm. He pitched over 800 games and 7000 innings during a twenty three year career. He finished with more wins, innings pitched, games started, and complete games than any other pitcher. He will probably hold all those records to the end of time because the way pitchers are handled nowadays. In 1901 he won the Triple Crown.

34. Nap Lajoie


Nap Lajoie was possibly the best player in MLB before the coming of Ty Cobb. He is one of the best hitters in history with over 3,200 hits. He won the 1901 Triple Crown for hitters.

33. Cap Anson


For the early era Anson was a power hitter. Though he had only hit ninety seven total home runs. He led his league in RBI’s eight times and won two batting titles. Anson had 3418 hits in his twenty seven years as a player.

32. Sandy Koufax

1.11/77.4 %/2.69/54.5

From 1962-1966 he won 111 games and led the league in ERA- it was under 2.00 runs per game. He also led the NL in strikeouts, shutouts, and pitched four no-hitters. Along with a perfect game in 1965 he won three Cy Young’s, three Triple Crowns, and one MVP. Koufax made six All-Star games.

31. Bob Gibson

1.19/75.7 %/2.89/85.6

Some say he is the best big-game pitcher of all-time. Gibson almost won two World Series for the Cardinals by himself. In 1968, he enjoyed one of the most dominating seasons in baseball history, posting a 1.12 ERA and winning twenty-two games. He won nine Gold Gloves, two Cy Youngs, and one MVP. Gibson was an eight time All-Star.