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Funny NL MVP voting

November 24, 2009

The 2009 MLB award season has come and gone at last. The always dumb BBWAA had a surprisingly good season, but they couldn’t resist going out with a bang. Click here to see the ridiculousness that was the NL MVP voting results.

I mean, they were so close, SO CLOSE, to having a good season. They got both Cy Young’s AND MVP’s right. While there were some mistakes (i.e. Ben Zobrist not even making the top five), the mistakes weren’t so bad. That is, until, today.

Where oh where should I begin? How about with Chase Utley. He finished eighth. Let me repeat- he finished eighth. EIGHTH! Eighth. Eighth. Not second. Not third. Eighth. What a joke. Seriously. That’s all I can say. If there was ANY NL player that could even remotely challenge Pujols, it was Utley.  His 7.6 WAR was second best in the NL to Albert Pujols among position players. He won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. Outside Pujols, only three players were within a win of Chase Utley. His UZR/150 was also the fourth best in the NL. Some guy voted him tenth. It’s sad that while Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard got MVP’s, Chase Utley was only the second best player in the NL the past few seasons and still gets no recognition from the media.

Other jokes:

– Yunel Escobar got a fifth place vote. This is the worst vote of all time. Well, almost the worst of all time because…

– Jeremy Affeldt got a vote. This is not a typo. I mean it.

– Ryan Zimmerman was 27/30 with just one more vote than Jeremy Affeldt. I mean, he only had the best UZR/150 in the NL along with the fourth best WAR among position players.

– Tim Lincecum won the Cy Young but finished behind Chris Carpenter AND Adam Wainwright for MVP voting. Huh?

Chip Carey sucks at his job

October 8, 2009

Some of the shitty things he says/does while “broadcasting” baseball:

  • “You’re not going to win 103 games with all the talent in the world, unless you play the game the right way”
  • Swisher lined out and he thought it was going to be a hit. When he realized it was an easy line drive out, he covered it up by saying the ball was tailing and the fielder just caught it.
  • Mentioned A-Rod struggling with men in RISP this season. To use a simpleton stat- 65% of A-Rod’s RBI’s this season tied the game or took the lead.
  • Living

Tim McCarver…

September 26, 2009

said, “Matsuzaka has not allowed a run today, but has thrown 2/3 of his pitches from the stretch. Odd.

Welcome to his 2008 season, Tim.

“Melky Cabrera can get on base with the best of them”

September 17, 2009

That is an exact quote by some asshole host of MLBN’s MLB Tonight.

Best OBP in baseball: .449

Melky Cabrera: .342